what is magento pwa

What Is Magento PWA? How Will It Help Magento Stores?

One of the most important things for Magento stores to stay competitive is continuously providing a great online shopping experience and building engagement. Magento PWA may be the solution to both of these issues.

In this article, we’ll look at what Progressive Web App is and what Magento businesses will gain after integrating this technology into their sites.

What Is Magento Progressive Web App?


First, Progressive Web App (PWA) is a special kind of website that incorporates app-like functionality. Magento Progressive Web Apps are Magento websites that use the PWA technology.

Magento PWA is developed based on web technologies we all know and like, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but with the look and feel of a native app.

There are many frameworks for Progressive Web App development (e.g.: React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js…), however, for Magento PWA, the most used one is PWA Studio.


With the useful utilities for websites, currently, there are many Magento websites that have integrated PWA technology. Some typical examples of companies using Magento PWA can be listed are Truclothing, Rooted Objects, ShopEddies, Eleganza, Boonthavorn, Kubota, etc.

Integration Solutions

With the great value for the websites, businesses are increasingly looking to Magento PWA to enhance their website even more. Using Magento PWA Extensions, adding Magento PWA Themes (most recommended), or creating a Progressive Web App from the ground up are the three major ways to integrate Progressive Web Apps.

Taking advantage of the growing trend in the eCommerce industry, lots of agencies are providing PWA integration services for Magento websites. Among those, TigrenPWA is the most trusted firm with over 5 years of experience in Magento PWA development. It is providing both fast solutions (installing ready-made PWA themes) and custom services to meet unique needs.

Why Magento Stores Need A PWA

Enriching customer experience

Online shopping used to be an option mainly for desktop/ laptop users. PWA makes it more relaxed and enjoyable with a more intuitive and mobile-friendly interface.

It takes less time and effort for shoppers to “install” a PWA than downloading a native app. They just need to follow the instructions on the web app, and the installation will be completed in a matter of seconds.

When the Internet is unavailable, users can still access certain pages in the Magento Progressive Web App that are cached in the previous visits.

Enhancing conversion rate

Integration with Progressive Web App can reduce the bounce rate and boost conversions for the Magento stores.

Progressive Web App for Magento combines the best features of a website with a mobile app. It provides a dependable, quick, and engaging interface for users. As a result, it contributes to raising the conversion rates by up to 50% and drives significant sales growth for businesses.

Halving the Development Time of Native Apps

While two codebases are requisite to develop native apps for iOS and Android, Magento Progressive Web Application only needs one source code that is faster to build and easier to update later on.

It is also noticeable that building a Magento PWA website only takes up a few weeks to months based on the chosen development solution.

Being Independent on app stores

Merchants don’t have to pay the annual submission fee to have their Magento Progressive Web App distributed by the app stores.

Any Magento store owner’s wildest hope is to pay less and get more, and PWA will make that dream a reality. Native applications are expensive to create and manage.

Since PWA is a cross-platform application, the cost of creating and maintaining it for the Magento 2 website would be much lower. Meanwhile, merchants need to create and support two applications for a native app: one for Android users and another for iOS users. Hence, the production process can take a long time and cost a lot of money.

Supporting SEO to improve the site’s ranking

Google revealed that mobile-friendliness would be used to rate websites. Thus, Magento PWA sites will have more advantages than regular websites when competing on the search engine ranking pages.

Because PWA is both an app and a website, it can seamlessly customize for smartphones to have an outstanding experience, and the sites incredibly quickly.

Furthermore, PWA can have a better user interface, which is one of the most significant considerations in obtaining a higher search engine ranking. This will result in a better ranking and visibility for the websites, leading to further page visits and purchases.

Final Words

The user experience, especially in mobile, is a critical factor deciding whether or not consumers will buy the goods from the shop. Therefore, Progressive Web Application is a great choice for Magento e-commerce stores.

Final words, Magento 2 PWA development is a step in the right direction for creating web stores with app-like features that need much less development time than a standalone app.