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The Basics of SEO: Making Your Website Work with Google

SEO refers to optimizing your website content for search engine terms. It also works with search engines’ algorithms, creating a user-friendly experience for website visitors. Let’s dive into the basics of SEO.

Find the Right Keywords

It sounds easy to match popular search terms with your online material. Finding the best keywords for your blog and web pages is the first step. There are many tools available. We love SEMRush, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, KWFinder, Moz, as well as the Keyword Tool.

Keywords that are relevant to your business would be used by prospects when looking for similar businesses to yours. High monthly search volume is a sign that a lot of people are searching for keywords. Low search difficulty means that fewer businesses can rank for the keyword in pay-per click ads.

Use Keywords in Existing Content

Now that you’ve done your keyword research, it’s time to put those keywords to use! Browse through all pages and blogs on your domain. These keywords should be included in your content naturally. These keywords can be used in your headlines, subheadlines, and body copy.

More Helpful Content Wins

SEO is not a shortcut. SEO is all about quality content. And quality content will delight your visitors. They’ll spend more time on your site and share it with others.Then. your site’s rank in search will increase if you have more pages (blog articles count).

Consider Mobile Views

Mobile devices account for 40-60 percent of all website traffic. Make sure your website adapts to different screen sizes. Google recognizes that people search from mobile devices and prefers sites that are mobile-friendly. You can check your website on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing tool.

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