The 5 Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In The Republic Of Ireland

The 5 Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In The Republic Of Ireland

Ireland might not be one of the biggest countries in Europe, but what it lacks in size and population, it makes up for in rich and beautiful culture and history. The lively environment and ever-boisterous people, add a spur of energy to the already magnificent landscapes.

The country has a lot to offer, and it has become very popular around the world. For a country that was once regarded as one of the poorest in the European Union, the Republic of Ireland has moved far away from any such title and is now established as one of the strongest forces in the European economy. And recently, partly thanks to “Brexit”, the Republic of Ireland has had a huge swoop-in of people and businesses alike who now want to settle in. That has caused quite the shake-up in the property market, and prices have skyrocketed.

Although several parts are still very affordable, some would require you to dig very deep into your pockets. But high quality does not come at low costs, especially if you’re picking the quality in one of the areas below. These are the five most expensive places to buy property in the Republic of Ireland.

Kildare (Average price of €275,217)

The county of Kildare is a landlocked county and it is bordered by about six other Irish counties. Several areas of Kildare show the natural beauty of Ireland, with the hills of the Barrow and Liffey valleys being just some of the beautiful landscapes on display. The famous Japanese Gardens also makes a huge impression on most tourists that visit, providing a peaceful retreat away from stress. Kildare also plays home to the only international motor racing circuit in Ireland, the Mondello Park. It is also known as the capital of horse training and racing in Ireland, which is a big deal because Ireland is a huge horse racing country.

Cork City (Average price of €296,017)

Cork City is the second largest county in Ireland, and it is commonly referred to as the food capital of the country. Apart from delicious delicacies, you will also find a great educational center in this county, as well as some of the most beautiful portions in the country. It is in essence, a more laid-back version of Dublin with cheaper houses and a lower cost of living.

Galway City (Average price of €317,235)

With a population of just about 80,000, Galway City is the fifth biggest county in the Republic of Ireland. It is a great place if you’re looking for a strong sense of community and beautiful surroundings. There is so much going on in Galway City, with great cultural landmarks like the Druid Theater drawing large numbers of people every year. There are a lot of opportunities available, and many sources of entertainment as well.

Wicklow (Average price of €342,607)

On Ireland’s east coast is a county referred to as “the Garden of Ireland”. It has some of the most beautiful regions in the country, with rolling mountains, waterfalls, and lovely beaches forming the specifications of what is truly a stunning county. And it has a great history, with many-a-story to tell.

Dublin (Average of €391,868)

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin is a place that does not need much introduction. The heart and soul of Ireland, Dublin is a bustling county that maintains a feverish pace, and a vibrancy that most cities around the world can not match. More and more international visitors troop every year to buy property in Dublin, and it’s clear to see why. It is an awesome place to live!

These were the five most expensive places to buy property in Ireland. Their popularity will continue to increase, and so will the price. So this might be a great time for you to get a property in one of these areas before it’s too late.