Simpler and Effective Ways to Hide your Phone Number!

Technology has become so advanced these days that it has become quite difficult for people to live without the usage of effective technological means to live a simpler life. The discoveries have been such that the way a human being used to live years ago has become sufficiently different from how the same human is living a life today. Years back, when it was almost impossible to even think of some of the necessary changes being undertaken in order to provide good communication in the technology has now completely shattered the notions of impossibility. IVR, video recording software, mobile phones, and various other machinery has done wonders for people.

Mobile phones have come up with both advantages and disadvantages for the people of today. But there have been hacks that can help people in understanding the techniques to put forward that would be effective in usage of the functioning of phones these days. A lot of people are fascinated with the IVR call centre, that is, interactive voice response, which helps people in interacting with the computer-operated phone system.

Mobile phone users even wish to hide their phone numbers while calling the recipients. This entails privacy measures and helps people from the spread of their private numbers if in case, anyone dials a wrong number. Some simpler ways could be helpful for the people in hiding their phone numbers and prevent them from spreading such as,

USE THE DIGITS *67 TO HIDE THE PHONE NUMBER– One of the most suited and effective ways that cannot be beaten by the regular callers is to use the number *67 before dialing any number. This trick works wonders for smartphones and landlines these days. It involves a procedure to be followed. On the phone’s keypad, dial * 67 followed by the desired number one wishes to dial. This will help in hiding your number and instead would show up as ‘Private’ or ‘blocked’ on the other end. This is a great technique to confuse people and let them wonder who might be calling until they pick up and talk. It is one such way that commonly a lot of people use to showcase the privacy of their digits.

AVOID DIALING THE NUMBER FROM KEYPAD USE BURNER APP– For a lot of people, one of the interesting ways these days is to use apps instead of dialing the number from one owns keypad. This helps in providing utmost privacy and simplifies ways to implement without even changing the settings of the phone in use.

Apps like Burner help individuals to use another number to call with the help of internet connections and easily hide the original number of the user while calling. Fake or another number appears on the screen of the other users and makes them inquisitive to know who might be calling.

There are various apps available in the play store of different phones that help people in opting ways to hide their phone numbers. Some are paid and some are free to download.

UNDERTAKE THE USE OF LANDLINE AS WELL– These days the time is such that people have become more mobile phone users than landline ones. But still, in a lot of communicative institutions and even at some houses there has been a judicial use of landline phones going on yet. Hiding of numbers can not only be done through mobile phones but also through landline phones. There are various codes to be used in order to change the desired settings that can help people effectively in hiding their numbers whenever they wish to. Codes are *57, *67,*60,*69 that are used in order to hide the private numbers and even block the unwanted numbers being displayed.

With the advancement of technology, a lot of things have been simplified for the living of people but with perks, there have always been some disadvantageous ways that make people concerned about their privacy. Blocking is one such way to prevent such hazardous and unwanted people but the best possible way is to always hide one’s phone number from spreading and creating unwished-for problems further.

The time entails people to undertake and have a taste of some new technology means that would be fruitful to interact with one another and have a surplus amount of transparent communication such as video conferencing software, video recording software, sip trunking and video calling software too.

All this helps people and companies in large to let the communication flow at its speed and have no restrictions whatsoever.

People have become dependent on technology. Lives have become quite hollow without having mobile phones in their hands. Even the small kids these days have been handed over phones, minding their safety. But largely, security is one such prominent aspect to take care of, while connecting with one another and keeping in mind the usage only when required.