MilesWeb Review – Managed Hosting Plan and Offers

If you want to build a website or blog, you should look into the best hosting alternatives.

CMS has literally taken over the web development market and more than 40% of the CMS users use cheap hosting for developing the websites.

There is a huge difference between standard hosting platforms and the best hosting available in the market.

Speaking about , it is a popular content management system that lets you build a professional customized website using a variety of inbuilt themes, plugins, and widgets. One of the reasons for ’s appeal is its versatility; you can tailor your website to accommodate everything from one-person blogging operations to large businesses.

However, there is a catch: anyone who isn’t a hobbyist will probably want to host a site on their domain, which demands the search for a server. Anyone who wishes to create and maintain a blog may find a requirement of hosting service. Finding the best hosting provider, like choosing a web hosting service in general, may make your life much easier.

You could also want to think about utilizing a website builder to help you create your site, or hire a consultant to guide you through the process.

hosting is said to be the best if it provides you great Speed, security, scalability, support, space, server location, and SSL.

Let us get to the review of the finest hosting – MilesWeb


MilesWeb is a web hosting company based in India. The company offers VPS, reseller, dedicated server, shared Linux hosting, hosting plans at an affordable cost. MilesWeb was established in 2012 and since the day is offering the best hosting services.

MilesWeb offers a great environment for hosting sites of every size and type, as well as easy tools for getting your website up and running.

MilesWeb’s customer support has garnered nothing but praise, and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat and email.

MilesWeb is a great alternative for all types of websites.

It’s cheap, and it includes a pleasant perk: a free domain name for the first year with two of its hosting plans.

MilesWeb’s user panel has been modified, making it easier to deal with your hosting setup, especially if you choose to start your site using , which MilesWeb will install for you.

What is Managed Hosting?

sites that are managed have access to one of the most sophisticated levels of hosting accessible. Managed hosting relieves you of the burden of hosting and managing your website by linking you with a team of experts who will walk you through the process. Managed hosting service providers offers full server and resource management.

Why Choose MilesWeb to Host Your Site?

MilesWeb’s best-ever offers on all hosting plans feature a 70% discount and a free domain name. MilesWeb provides managed hosting services starting at Rs. 60 per month.

MilesWeb has three hosting options: Solo, Prime, and Multi.

The Solo plan is Rs. 60/month, the Prime plan is Rs. 195/month, and the Multi plan is Rs. 255/month.

The Multi plan provides you with unrestricted access to as many resources as you desire at the lowest possible cost.

All plans include a 70% discount and the greatest web hosting features available at the lowest possible price!

Managed Hosting Benefits

Register for a Free Domain Name

You’re finished after you’ve decided on a domain name for your company. If you purchase a one-year or three-year MilesWeb Prime or Multi subscription, you will receive a free.COM domain. To take advantage of this discount and free domain, you must purchase these plans for one or three years. The domain will be free for the first year, with renewal fees beginning the following year.

Free SSL Certificate

With a free SSL certificate, you can increase your security.

MilesWeb’s security specialists are always on the lookout for flaws. The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate contributes to the security and encryption of data. As a result, each MilesWeb site includes an SSL certificate.

Free Migration

MilesWeb’s in-house support team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with your website transfer at your convenience. They will migrate your website’s data from your current host to their server at no cost to you.

Integrated Capability

MilesWeb’s managed hosting services are powered by the most recent Xeon CPUs, SSD storage, and hardware RAID 10. The optimal performance of the server setup helps all -hosted websites.

Regular Updates

You won’t have to manually check for and install updates if you utilize MilesWeb’s managed hosting services. The support staff performs the update procedure automatically in the backend. Furthermore, MilesWeb’s technical professionals keep an eye on new releases to guarantee that crucial platform upgrades are carried out.

Choosing a Datacenter

You can’t claim that this data center is the greatest if it doesn’t reach your intended market. If you want to build an ideal data center, you must first determine the location of your target audience. Then, from our numerous possibilities, select the data center that is closest to your target audience.


In conclusion, MilesWeb’s hosting offers a -optimized server, server administration, and the most resources for your site at an affordable price.