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Latest guide for 3DS hacking up to firmware 11.10

Nintendo 3ds firmware is now updated to v11.10.0-43. It’s a little strange that the bigN didn’t release a ver12.0, well I’m going to discuss in this post that how to hack 3ds 11.10 with or with out flashcart, is it as easy as hacking 3ds 11.9 ? Check the guide here.

3ds 11.10 update note

Nintendo was offering the latest firmware update for 3DS the 27th May. Version 11.10.0-43 is live, of which Nintendo states: “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”. So now more changes in this new version. We can jailbreak it as always.

In 2019, we have several hack methods for 3DS, specifically with:

  • Flashcart
  • Softmod CFW
  • Hardmod soldering

The hardmod is absolutely not recommended because it will probably cause damage to the console, because of disassembly and soldering. So we will talk about different linkers and CFWs. Let’s go !

Hack 3ds 11.10 with flashcart (linker)

A linker or flashcart is a modification chip that looks like a real game cartridge. The difference is that the linker has a port for microSD that contains a lot of roms or other files. In this part, I recommend two 3DS linkers, they are the main modchips on the market:

Sky3ds was released in 2015, this is the third 3ds game memory card from sky3ds. Better than both versions, it can read Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon roms and all other new 3ds titles by bypassing anti-piracy control. It has 2 buttons to use to change 3ds games. In addition, with firmware sky3ds v140 and skydock offered, you can connect online with the sky3ds card safely on 3DS without worrying. Because the skydock allows Sky3ds users to have their own private header.

Stargate 3ds is the only linker compatible with both 3ds and ds games, gba, snes, it comes from a new team called Stargate-3ds. According to rumors, Stargate 3ds would be created by the same team of Gateway 3ds cards. It is a perfect linker for 3DS consoles however, this linker would sometimes have unknown bugs, such as card not detected, and crash backups.

Choose what you like and I personnally would recommend sky3ds+, although it is more expensive, you can use it longer.

Hack 3ds 11.10 without flashcart (linker)


The best and most wildly used 3DS CFW is certainly Luma. Luma is a way to unleash a 3DS full potential, you can install any game of any region, including ROM hacks & translations, use cheats (not so convenient as in Gateway but still is good), use homebrews like tons of emulators, save game manager etc. Don’t install it or you can feel sorrow of spending money on SG.

I will recommend to install boot9strap (also known as b9s) via Frogminer for Nintendo 3DS updates, that is to say in version 11.10.

B9S (and GM9 and FB3DS, which will be offered as install options by advanced mode) only gets copied to the firm partitions. The CTRNAND partition is untouched. In fact, the original FW can even be extracted from CTRNAND back to the firm partitions if you wanted to return to retail for any reason. I included an uninstall option that does just that in case you change your mind. The system remains 99% unchanged. Your NNID, eShop purchases, etc. will still be there. 3DS CFW actually works more like what other scenes would call a HEN. Everything is patched in memory. In fact, you can run as many CFWs as you want. They will not interfere with each other at all.

As for the risk of bricking, it is no higher than the one you take updating your system. Maybe even less. It writes to the NAND, but the files written are actually much smaller than most system updates. The whole process takes less than 2 seconds. Also, backups are generated before any writing is done. These can be used to restore the system to it’s previous state in the event of an emergency. Keep in mind, though, the SG is an NTRBootHax cart. Brick immunity is built in. If, say, you happen to jolt the system and knock the battery loose just as the write is being performed or something, you’ve got the means to recover. Just redo the exploit and restart the install process.

To check the detailed guide of b9s and luma 3ds, you can go to the site.

3DS hardmod

The hardmod is absolutely not recommended because it will probably cause damage to the console, because of disassembly and soldering. In bref, it’s what you will need to do:

  • Installation for the use of the MicroUSB plug
  • Solder CLK, GND, DAT0 and CMD to the MicroUSB plug.
  • Cut a hole in the back cover of the console for the MicroUSB plug and secure it with some glue.
  • Mount the console.
  • Solder the cables to the MicroSD adapter.
  • Check the installation with the multimeter.

Following this tutorial there is some risk of bricking the console, we recommend that if you are not sure of what you do not follow it.

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