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The Software Development Life Cycle 4is a framework that lays out the steps of enterprise software development at each stage. It contains a detailed strategy for developing, distributing, and managing software.

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) describes the entire development process. They include all processes involved in designing, developing, testing, and distributing a software product.

Process of Software Development Life Cycle

The Software SDLC rapid application development process (SDLC) is a method that specifies the many steps required in software development to create a high-quality result. SDLC stages address the entire life cycle of a software system, from conception through retirement.

Following the SDLC process ensures that software is developed in a methodical and consistent method.


The purpose of the SDLC is to generate a large product that meets the needs of the customer. Requirements collecting, design, coding, testing, and management are the stages of the SDLC. If you want t4o supply the Product systematically, it is essential to follow the phases.

For example, software must be built, and a team is separated into sections to work on different aspects of the Product. However, each of them is free to work as they choose. One developer chooses to design first while the other chooses to program first and then work on documents.

This will result in quality problems. Thus team members must have a good level of expertise and experience to deliver the desired Product.

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After a product is released in a manufacturing environment, the developers are responsible for product management. They include fixing any issues that arise and any improvements that need to be made.

Final Verdict:

A software life cycle model is an abstract section of the software development process. Although each SDLC model takes a different method, the basic stages and activities are the same for all of them.

For the Project to be successful, it is good to follow an appropriate life cycle. As a result, management becomes faster. Each SDLC rapid application development process Software Life Cycle model has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The ideal model for any project is defined by aspects such as requirement (clarity or confusion), system difficulty, project size, cost, skill limitations, and so on.

Spiral and Agile models, for example, are appropriate to apply in the situation of an uncertain need. However, the required modification can be made easily at any phase.

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