7 Benefits of Digital Mailroom Services

7 Ways Digital Mailroom Services Benefit Your Business

The benefits of digital mailroom services are numerous. Many companies that make the switch do so and never look back. The present age has granted us many luxuries and digital mailrooms just happen to be another way that the technological advancements we’ve made over the last few thousand years can make our lives easier and more efficient. If you’ve been considering making the switch for your company but you need to know exactly how it could help you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to be looking at the top seven benefits of digital mailroom services.

Open API & Integration

Most digital mailroom solutions are able to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems. Enabling your organization to experience its many benefits almost immediately. A digital mail solution can often take all your assets and automatically push them into downstream systems of record, or other custom workflow capabilities.

Enjoy a Higher Level of Security.

Paper mail gets lost sometimes. We’ve all had packages we were waiting for from the post office that just seemingly disappeared into thin air. Once your mail disappears you more than likely have no idea where it went or who has their hands on it. That’s not great, especially if a piece of mail that was lost contains sensitive material. Digital mailroom solutions have full audit trails that track every related action in association with each piece of mail, facilitating full transparency on everything from who’s viewed a document, to anyone who’s sent assets outside the organization.

Decrease Your Response Time

By receiving your mail digitally you can decrease the amount of time that someone has to wait for a response. In some cases, you can even expect to cut that down from days to just mere hours. In the always moving world of business, even a few hours is a lot of time especially if you’re working on something with tight deadlines.

You’re Always in Control.

When you use a digital mailroom service you have a great deal of control over a lot of things. Let’s say, for instance, you have a mail piece that requires the attention of 5 people in your company. By using a digital mailroom service you can authorize all of them to view the same mailpiece so you can be sure that everyone has read it before the next meeting.

Easy Implementation.

Most digital mailroom services aren’t going to need you to change anything about your company, instead shaping itself to fit the needs of your company. That means rollout is easy so long as you have everyone on the same page about it happening.

General Efficiency.

If you receive paper mail in your office there’s a good chance that you have someone taking care of it for you. That person could easily be using their efforts for more critical tasks by using a digital mailroom instead of spending all of their time sorting out mail.

Cost Saving.

The most important thing to many business people is the all might dollar. By using a digital mailroom you can save a good deal of money, sometimes upwards of a dollar a mailpiece, in comparison to handing physical mail.

Finding the Right Choice for You.

If you’re been considering whether or not this kind of company would benefit your company, now may be the best time to jump onto the bandwagon. Then your company could be ahead of the curve when this kind of service becomes common practice for your colleagues and competitors.