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3 Most Essential Steps to Take for Transferring a Domain Name

In today’s ultra-modern world, it becomes easier to start a business website online. A smooth and easy way of selecting & purchasing a domain name and building your site on makes it convenient for every person. Almost everyone knows the base of the website is the domain name. To get domain registration in Pakistan or anywhere worldwide, you need to contact any reliable web host or registrar.

However, there are times when you need to think about transferring your domain name to a new host in any circumstances. But unfortunately, just like many others, you may think of this simple step filled with full of complexities. Often, domain transfer seems to be an overwhelming task for beginners. But in real-life, this process never takes even a complete 48 hours.

How to Transfer a Domain Name?

Searching for ways to transfer a domain name to a new web host can open numerous blog posts in front of you. This creates a panic situation and never lets you try for the first time. Of course, who wants to involve in the complications? But taking a right yet easy steps, you can transfer a domain name effectively.

Transferring a domain name indeed is one of the smartest choices to consolidate multiple domains under one service or have a domain and hosting managed by a single web host. While you are trying to unload the burdens, you may have stuck with the domain transferring process. Therefore, this blog highlights the essential steps you need to take for transferring a domain name. Let’s follow.

1. Start with Reliable Registrar Research

Sometimes, people know where to transfer their domain. However, often beginners find it difficult to search for a reliable registrar. Therefore, it is important to do your research for your next domain host to prevent the transferring again and again. For this, you need to ensure that your new host has the following three qualities.

  • Low Prices: It is a must that your hosting provider has low renewal prices to ensure that it remains pocket-friendly.
  • Quality Service & Effective Support: Your website performance relies on the services and supports you get from your hosting provider. So ensure that the hosting company is well rated.
  • Hosting Plans: Evaluate the hosting plans and compare them with the current hosting provider to know who offers the best deals.

2. Unlock Domain

Once you selected your reliable domain host, the next step to take for transferring a domain name is to unlock the domain. Often, the current domain is locked with the current registrar. This means it needs approval from your side to shift from one host to another.

But how to do it? Unlocking the domain requires just a simple checkbox or toggle. You need to login into your hosting account and go to the domain setting to unlock the domain.

3. Domain Authentication Code

Despite checking your contact information, current address, you just need to get the domain authentication code. The authentication code confirms that you are the real owner of the domain. But how to get it? It is a simple process. The authentication code in technical terms is called as EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) code.

You can easily request or find the EPP code from your current account. This process never takes much time but is essential to transfer the domain name.